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Hard Landscaping Services

Garden Design in Wiltshire, Chippenham and Melksham

C and G have decades of experience in designing and creating beautiful landscaped gardens that really changes the whole dimension of your garden layout.

We have a great process which involves meeting to discuss your requirements and budget, creating a draft design of your garden, sourcing the materials within your budget and once you are happy we can schedule the work to take to place. We are happy to work with you throughout the project and your input throughout can help us create your perfect garden.

Anyone that is keen to transform the appearance of their garden and reap the rewards of a well-designed and structured area should contact C&G Paving & Patio Services. We offer the most extensive range of hard landscaping Wiltshire can provide and we can take you from start to end in creating your ideal garden.
Our hard landscape services include meeting your needs, drafting a budget, coming up with a design that meets your needs, supplying relevant and affordable materials and then undertake the work that makes your garden look and feel brand new.

If you would like further information on this subject, please call C and G Building Services on 01225 700 208.

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